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SomaTraining MasterClass: Global Dynamic Normalization (GDN)

Start Date
June 16, 2024
End Date
June 19, 2024
9am to 5pm
Est Date
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Prerequisite: Global Postural Stretching (GPS) (acceptance to this class only with completion of GPS!)

GDNʻs are crucial to Dr. Guy VOYERʻs adage "You are your own best therapist" as he often prescribes these for patients to be able to self work, correct, and normalize their tissues in between appointments months apart. GPS vs. GDN? GPS works with the tissue, ligaments, capsules, tendons, etc. GDNs work with dynamic movement, the movement of all the liquid in the body for normalization

This is the very first time VOYER is sharing the orthopedic GDNʻs as a Masterclass. There will be a small part of theory to explain why fascia has a "memory" and it is not static. Technomethodology (exercises) with a focus on muscular and orthopedic normalizations. Global Application, as an example, when and why you would choose the pelvic floor GDN vs. a hemi lubo-sacroiliac GDN for a pelvis issue. A Part 2 will be taught in the future with a visceral focus (i.e. Kidney GDN, Liver GDN (different parts), etc.).

Important to note, there will be absolutely no recordings done of class, and no digital devices to record the movements. Weʻre going analog here. The emphasis is to experience and move the water in our bodies with the rhythm of the PRM. Learn by doing!

Course Info.

Course Description

Prerequisite: Global Postural Stretching (GPS)

Life depends on the development of bio-dynamic, bio-electronic energy created by numerous osmotic, oncotic, biochemical and mechanical metabolic exchanges. These ionic exchanges only take place through the movement of water, i.e. body fluids. It's the 70% of water that makes up our body that allows this bioelectricity to invade fascial tissue, i.e. our solid connective tissue (ligaments, fascia, tendons, mesos, dura mater, adventitia, pleura, peritoneum, pericardium, etc.).

Fascial movement is alive. We know that it is a permanent mutation between free and link water; an incessant histological transformation from gel to sol, and vice versa.

The various fascial treatments (touch) and exercises such as myofascial stretching (MFS), global postural stretching (GPS), or global dynamic normalization (GDN) train and modify tissue memory. It's an ongoing debate, with the ultimate aim of finding a homeostatic compromise.

It is in this sense that a tactile (therapeutic) or mobile (exercise) approach will be applied.

If this bioelectronic flow is too regular, always the same, the danger is habit as well as cessation of movement (static posture).

The danger is the routine of exercise itself, which brings us closer to death.

The mobilization of our body's water and fluids requires a rhythm to create regular waves. Liquids, by definition incompressible, only move by undulation.

It is this cadence, this pace, this measure, this tempo of the GDN, that will promote the osmotic exchange of body fluids and thus determine the quality of life.

The aim of this basic GDN course is to understand, through global exercises, how to become aware of this biorhythm.

The exercises will be repeated until a cadence of movement is mastered.

Those who have mastered this phase, and this basic course will later be able to apply it to other GDN with an orthopedic connotation.

Finally, once this advanced course has been mastered, the visceral GDN can then be mastered.

Location & Travel Info
Seminar Location:

Courses are held at the UFHEC - Metropolitano Campus in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The district is called La Esperilla.


We have a group rate with the Courtyard Marriott which is a 3 minute walk to the school. There are also many Airbnbs available for rent. Do a search for La Esperilla if you wish to be within walking distance to the school. There are also 2 hotels in the area:

  • Uber is available.
  • Private drivers are available for hire. JC Taxi is a reliable company. Other options can be found on tripadvisor.

Documentation and COVID Travel Tips:

There are currently no testing or vaccine requirements for entry into the Dominican Republic for citizens of most countries (USA and Canada included).

To enter the USA as an American citizen, there is currently no testing requirement regardless of vaccination status. Please check currect travel requirements with you government as this is constantly changing.

Should you need any testing, there is a testing site 5 minutes from the school, Amadita, that provides antigen tests for about $30-40 USD and PCR tests for $80-90 USD.

Your passport must be valid for the period of stay in the Dominican Republic. 1 blank page is required for the entry stamp. The expiration of your passport must be no less than 6 months from the date of entry.

All foreign and Dominican passengers entering or leaving on commercial flights must complete a free electronic entry and exit form.


We have taught over 34 courses in Santo Domingo since 2021 with no issues. Exercise the same amount of caution you would traveling to any foreign destination.

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  • Contact Lydie for the bank details of SASA company.

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  • Inform Lydie via email your intent to register for class at least 10 days prior to the start date.
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