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SomaTraining Schools

Peter Bodi of SomaTraining United Kingdom

Peter Bodi

SomaTraining UK
London, United Kingdom

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Ilaria Cavagna

SomaTraining NYC
New York City, USA

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Chris Crawford

SomaTraining Rye, NY
Rye, NY, USA

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Scott Herrera of SomaTraining Texas

Scott Herrera

SomaTraining Dallas
Texas, USA

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Paul Sherman

Soma Education Canada
Vancouver, Canada

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Bryce Turner of SomaTraining Los Angeles

Bryce Turner

SomaTraining Los Angeles
California, USA

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**SomaTraining Dallas, SomaTraining Los Angeles, Soma Education Canada, SomaTraining NYC and SomaTraining UK in partnership with Guy VOYER, DO only offer the Live, Practical portion of all SomaTraining courses. Guy VOYER, DO teaches all the theory portion online. The final course of the program, TVA and Graduation are taught in-person by Guy VOYER, DO. In order to graduate, you must complete a final exam with Guy VOYER, DO.