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The SomaTherapy program is a specialized manual therapy program targeted at the treatment of the human fascial system. The program is based on osteopathic principles and Manual Etiotherapy principles, Guy Voyer’s studies on the fasciae as an anatomist and his clinical experience as an osteopath. It is a clinician-based curriculum designed to teach the fundamentals of normalizing fluid flow in all fasciae and joints throughout the body.

"The SomaTherapy program aspires to develop the most skilled practitioners, through the process of treatment of the joints, the fasciae and neurovascular systems with manual facilitation to enhance optimum motor control and human function."

With the completion of the whole SomaTherapy program, students obtain a complete and detailed model of how to treat the orthopedic system and gain an understanding and appreciation for the complexity of the interconnectedness of structure and function of all systems in the body.


The program consists of 13 courses. Each course spans 3 days and is taught in 2 parts:

Part 1 (one day) - Virtual theory & anatomy lecture by Guy VOYER, DO (online via ZOOM Pro)
Part 2 (two days) - In-person training with an approved SomaTraining Instructor (live at designated SomaTraining School location)

OR In-person training, with Guy VOYER DO to teach an intensive 6-day seminar (3 times, 2 days), only practical techniques to cover the whole year (1-Pumpings; 2-Facial normalizations; 3-2TLS; 4- Diaphragmatic treatments)

You can now complete the program and graduate as a SomaTherapist in only 9 months (previously a 3-year program). There are no prerequisites for any of the SomaTherapy courses (exam course excluded), which allows anyone interested in specific courses to pick and choose the class that suits their needs and profession. Each course gives you a certificate of completion (*both the virtual portion and in-person training must be completed to receive a course certificate).

How to Register

  1. Pick a course(s) and block it on your calendar.
  2. Contact us at SomaVOYER, let us know which virtual courses you'd like to register for. We will respond with payment details etc. Each course is 350€ Euro.
  3. Contact an official SomaTherapy School to register for the corresponding in-person course.

Osteo-Articular Joint Pumping

Level One

The facilitation of the movement of water within the joint complex (synovial fluid, water in the collagen tubes of ligaments, tendons, bursae, and lymph) is the the main goal of osteo-articular pumping.

Fascial Normalization

Level Two

Treatment of entire chains of fascia Continuity of the collagen tubes from the lateral heel to the sacrotuberous ligament to the transversospinalis fascia AND Contiguity, fascia that is immediately adjacent (therefore related) and has a direct influence on the function.

Transverse Tendinous & Ligamentous Stretching (2TLS)

Level Three

TTLS is a technique that addresses the structural needs and sensory functions of ligaments and tendons. Our body’s ligaments and tendons contain specialized cells that work to provide sensory information to our central nervous system. Because our ligaments and tendons have a larger proportion of these sensory cells compared to other areas of our body, different treatment strategies and exercises are required.

Treatment of the 4 Diaphragms

Level Four

Now, after 3 years, these experienced and elite therapists will learn how to solve more complex imbalances that are seen throughout the body. Examples: spondylolisthesis, scoliosis, prolapses, hernias, long term concussion symptoms, chronic headaches via the dura mater or ventricles, organ dysfunction…to name a few.

Official SomaTherapy Schools

Jason Amstutz of SomaTherapy California

Jason Amstutz

California, USA

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Scott Herrera of SomaTraining Texas

Scott Herrera

Texas, USA

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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic & London, United Kingdom

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