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Live Practical SomaTraining: 2-2 Myofascial Stretching

Start Date
January 22, 2024
End Date
January 23, 2024
9am to 5pm
Est Date
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

One of our most popular classes! Live in-person with Guy VOYER, DO. Happens never!

Having over 40 years experience in dissections, VOYER has brought that knowledge to stretches of the fascia in a very specific way. Want to stretch the psoas? Pick 1, there are 5 different fiber angles meaning there are 5 different variations for just the ilio-psoas group. What about the adductors? 6 different positions! All the stretches are designed with biomechanical specificity. If you want to be the most accurate in your exercise rehab prescription, learn from the expert.

With myofascial stretching (MFS), the goal is not to gain flexibility of a muscle, but to improve the quality of the movement of the tissues in relation to one another. MFS is the only type of stretching that respects this organization.

This seminar will systematically review the proper method of stretching for all major muscles of the trunk, the upper and lower limb giving close to 100 different stretching exercises.

*If you are repeating this course, the course fee is 325€. Email us with your certificate of completion and we will send you the coupon code.

Course Info.

Course Description

For a long time now we believed that we knew how to stretch muscles; however, how do you stretch a muscle when it is sheathed in a leather casing? Muscles are three dimensional in shape with multiple sites of attachment and fascia is the thin ‘skin’ weaving into and surrounding structures like the muscle tissue, ‘linking’ various structures together in a chain that includes the joint or joint capsule.

Stretching a muscle is only effective once the “skin” that covers it is no longer dry and retracted. Myofascial stretches respect the anatomy of the muscles, their aponeuroses as well as their function. At this point, the analytical study of the fascial chains allows for an incredibly effective stretch position.

All the connective tissue in the body is made of water and this water is arranged in microscopic tubules. Perhaps even more amazing is that the fascia is continuous upon itself: it is one single entity. In order to stretch a specific muscle it is better to consider it as a link in a specific chain extending from the toes to the back of the knee, inserting into one or more of the ligaments of the pelvis. This is the ‘real anatomy’ of the body and respects the global organization of its tissues. A stretching posture will be chosen to solicit the tension of the whole fascial chain in order to correct the specific muscle link.

With myofascial stretching (MFS), the goal is not to gain flexibility of a muscle, but to improve the quality of the movement of the tissues in relation to one another. MFS is the only type of stretching that respects this organization.

This seminar will systematically review the proper method of stretching for all major muscles of the trunk, the upper and lower limb giving close to 100 different stretching exercises.

Seminar Outline - Specific myofascial stretches for the noted muscles:
Myofascial Stretches of the lower extremities: iliopsoas, biceps femoris, semimembranous, semitendinous, superficial gluteus maximus, deep gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, obturator internus, piriformis, quadratus femoris, rectus femoris, vastus internus, vasatus externus, graacilis, pectineus, tensor fascia lata, superior fascicle of adductor brevis, inferior fascicle adductor brevis, adductor longus, superior fascicle of adductor magnus, middle fascicle of adductor magnus, inferior fascicle of adductor magnus, medial gastrocnemius lateral gastrocnemius, soleus, tibialis anterior, extensor digitorum, extensor hallucis.

Myofascial Stretches of the upper extremities:
long head of biceps brachii, short head of biceps brachii, posterior deltoid, anterior deltoid, middle deltoid, subscapularis, teres major, coracobrachialis, long head of triceps, medial head of triceps, lateral head of triceps, teres minor, infraspinatus, supraspinatus, pectoralis minor, deep pectoralis major, superficial pectoralis major, short supinator of the forearm, long supinator of the forearm, pronator quadratus, pronator teres, flexor digitorum communis, palmaris longus, anterior cubital, extensor digitorum communis, posterior cubital, first radial.

Myofascial Stretches of the trunk: middle intercostals, posterior intercostals, anterior intercostals, the crus of the diaphragm, the domes of the diaphragm, the intermediate part of the diaphragm, rectus abdominis, external obliques, internal obliques, latissimus dorsi, superior trapezius, middle trapezius, inferior trapezius, rhomboid major, rhomboid minor, levator scapula, quadratus lumborum, transverse spinous, longus, iliocostalis.

Location & Travel Info
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Seminar Location:

Courses are held at the UFHEC - Metropolitano Campus in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The district is called La Esperilla.


We have a group rate with the Courtyard Marriott which is a 3 minute walk to the school. There are also many Airbnbs available for rent. Do a search for La Esperilla if you wish to be within walking distance to the school. There are also 2 hotels in the area:

  • Uber is available but sometimes unreliable in that no drivers will be available
  • InDriver is a rideshare app that has more usage than Uber in Santo Domingo - More Info
  • Private drivers are available for hire. JC Taxi is a reliable company. Other options can be found on tripadvisor.

Documentation and COVID Travel Tips:

There are currently no testing or vaccine requirements for entry into the Dominican Republic for citizens of most countries (USA and Canada included).

To enter the USA as an American citizen, there is currently no testing requirement regardless of vaccination status. Please check currect travel requirements with you government as this is constantly changing.

Should you need any testing, there is a testing site 5 minutes from the school, Amadita, that provides antigen tests for about $30-40 USD and PCR tests for $80-90 USD.

Your passport must be valid for the period of stay in the Dominican Republic. 1 blank page is required for the entry stamp. The expiration of your passport must be no less than 6 months from the date of entry.

All foreign and Dominican passengers entering or leaving on commercial flights must complete a free electronic entry and exit form.


We have taught over 34 courses in Santo Domingo since 2021 with no issues. Exercise the same amount of caution you would traveling to any foreign destination.

Payment Options
Credit Card payment
  • An additional 3.5% fee will be included for any payments via credit card.
  • Payment is charged in €uros.

Wire Transfer
  • Wire transfer of 750 €uros must be the total amount that arrives in the SASA bank account
  • Please account for any additional service fees your bank charges.
  • provides the lowest wire transfer fees we've seen and makes it easy to account for any additional fees. Please send tracking link once payment has been submitted.
  • Contact Lydie for the bank details of SASA company.

Cash payment
  • Only €uros are accepted on the first day of class.
  • Inform Lydie via email your intent to register for class at least 10 days prior to the start date.

Refund Policy

All in-person seminars are 100% refundable if cancelled 30 days before the event start date. If cancelled within 30 days of the seminar start date, the event fees are non-refundable, though they may be applied as credit towards future in-person seminars.

Please arrange for your own cancellation insurance. In the event that a seminar is cancelled due to but not limited to a scheduling issue, host-issue, serious weather or geo-political issue, SomaVOYER will refund or credit your attendance fee but WILL NOT compensate for any flights, accommodation/lodging, rental cars, any other related expenses or days missed from work. Credit can be applied towards a future in-person seminar.

Refunds will typically be applied to the purchasing credit or debit card or otherwise by original form of payment, though SomaVOYER reserves the right to issue refunds by check, EFT, or wire transfer, in its sole discretion. All SomaVOYER seminar fees are collected in Euros. International refunds will be based upon the Euro amount collected, will not include taxes required by the country of payment origin, and may fluctuate based on the monetary exchange rate on the date the refund is processed. SomaVOYER is not responsible for discrepancies caused by differences in exchange rates.  

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